Solar Power at SF Giants Stadium – AT&T Park


Solar Power (and solar promotions) are popping up everywhere and just recently AT&T Park partnered with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and Sharp to bring solar power into the home of the San Francisco Giants. Along with other promotions around the city, PG&E is trying to create awareness that it generates over 50% of it’s power from renewable energy sources including wind, solar, biomass, hydro, and nuclear.

At AT&T Park there are several billboard style ads in the stadium hallways advertising Sharp solar panels as the type being used around the stadium, and there is one large bright green billboard up near the scoreboard that actually has solar panels built into it as shown below.

In order to see any of the real solar panels that actually produce power for the stadium you

will have to travel to the South Eastern side of the stadium (near the water fountains) and look over the railing. There you will find several awning style covers with built in solar panels. PG&E has said that nearly 600 panels have been installed and that the electricity from the panels is being sold to residents and businesses in the City. These panels from Sharp and PG&E are the first to ever be installed at a major league baseball stadium anywhere.

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