Blue Raven Solar Review 2019

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Blue Raven Solar 
Key Features

  • Blue Raven Solar offers installations in 12 states

  • Unique financing options with Blue Power & BluePower+

  • $0 upfront costs for qualified customers

  • 25 year manufacturer warranty

  • Average Installation takes 6-8 hours
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Average Customer Rating

As a whole, Blue Raven Solar earns glowing online reviews from customers. For our review, we analyzed customer feedback from Google, Solar Reviews and Best Company. Among those resources, Blue Raven Solar averaged a score of 4.58 out of 5.0 across 766 reviews.

Positive reviews mention how professional, consistent and effective the Blue Raven team communicates with customers, the installation speed, and malleable purchase options.

Negative reviews harp on being mislead about the total energy savings, with some comments discussing how they were told their electric bills would go away entirely and then discovering only a slight decrease after installation.

Blue Raven Solar Finance Options

The cost to install solar panels can be daunting to some homeowners, which is why we’re impressed by the finance solutions Blue Raven Solar offers. The company created two unique finance options, BluePower and BluePower+.

Of the two plans, the company touts BluePower+ as its premiere finance option. The plan combines a Power Purchase Agreement with 18 months of free solar energy from the installed system. Although BluePower+ adds 18 months to a homeowner’s finance agreement with Blue Raven, the process does allow qualified buyers to pay $0 upfront for solar system design, permitting and installation.

BluePower is a similar financing option. It allows homeowners to forfeit the 18 months of free solar energy in exchange for a discounted solar system. The standard BluePower plan does not add additional time to a homeowner’s contract with Blue Raven Solar.

As with any company, homeowners are able to purchase a solar system with cash or a private loan.

Solar Purchase

System Owner: You No Monthly Payment to Blue Raven Solar 100% of Federal & State Tax Credits

System Owner: You 18 Months of Free Solar Energy $0 Down Fixed Monthly Payment & Interest Rate 30% of Federal & State Tax Credits

System Owner: You Discounted System: Cost $0 Down Fixed Monthly Payment & Interest Rate 30% of Federal & State Tax Credits
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Solar Equipment

Blue Raven Solar installs black-on-black monocrystalline solar panels, which are industry standard. Unlike many solar power installers, Blue Raven chooses panel manufacturers on a case-by-case basis. The company handles installations in-house and doesn’t outsource any part of the installation process to local contractors, so customizing panel choice for the project ensures an optimal solar solution.

The panels Blue Solar installs are usually rated to 
operate for up to 35 years.

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Size and Configuration

Versatile installation options is a great attribute of modern solar technologies. Blue Raven Solar can handle most sizes of residential solar installations. The smallest solar system the company installs is a 10 panel (3 kW) configuration. This smaller configuration limit does not apply for homeowners who are adding onto existing 
solar systems.

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Solar Panel Warranty

Blue Raven Solar offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty, which is standard among much of the solar power industry. The company also provides a five-year production, maintenance and workmanship 
guarantee on any system they install.

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Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Modern solar panels rarely need maintenance or repairs from technicians. But should you purchase a solar power installation with Blue Raven Solar, any issues you encounter with the system within the first five years are 100 percent covered through the company’s workmanship guarantee. After the five-year guarantee expires, customers who need troubleshooting or repairs are charged for technician hours but not for any material covered under the 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Customers are responsible for small maintenance upkeep that solar panels need, such as cleaning dirt, leaves or snow off the panels. Blue Raven also offers a PDF about solar panel maintenance best practices.

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