DIY Solar Panels


Solar Panels aren’t cheap, most of them aren’t light either and that means you need a professional crew to help you get them onto your roof, set up a rack system, and configure the electrical system. All of these points aside, there are definitely ways that the average homeowner can get solar and save money along the way with a do-it-yourself DIY approach. This resource is based partially on a series of videos on our site that discuss solar installation, the first of which can be found here with more resources on choosing the right panels and inverters.

Most people are told that installing solar panels on their house will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000 with a 14 to 18 year payback period depending on the weather and exposure to sunlight along with the angle and direction of their roof. With a little bit of elbow grease however, you can reduce that initial 10K estimate to as little as $7,000. It’s worth noting that in many states in order to work on the electrical aspects of an installation you will have to pass a short test (usually around 30 questions with a 70% to pass, although many of these tests allow you to retry). Additionally, unpermitted or unlicensed modifications to a home or other building may void insurance coverage so it’s important to check with your local state ordinances, we have some resources on colorado solar for you to begin.

If you have any tips on installing solar panels and saving money please leave a comment for the community below or head on over to our forums and check out some of the discussions already going on.

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