“Solar Ark”-itecture Masterpiece


Japanese electronic company SANYO has designed a revolutionary, children-friendly, educational, solar photovoltaic building in the heartland of Japan. Today, the Solar Ark is the largest, photovoltaic, sun-capturing edifice in the history of the world, capturing the imaginations of business-leaders and children around the world.  Utilizing innovative technology, posterity stands as the center motivation behind this modern marvel.

Based on the Solar Ark movement, which advocates reengaging our children with science and the environmental problems of today, this wonderful and beautiful facility can even be seen from Japan’s famous JR Tokaido bullet train. Within the facility you can find a solar power museum with hands-on toys and a variety of solar-related exhibits.

The Solar Ark was designed to engage children with the endless wonders of solar technology and is free to the public and open 6 days a week. Leading the rechargeable, alternative energy industry for almost 50 years, SANYO has consistently sought new avenues to bring conscious energy supplies to the public.

One of the coolest features of this magnificent structure is that it is both beautiful and useful. The building is completely solar powered and the electricity created is sold to become funding for the SANYO Environmental Fund, which supports numerous environmental conservation organizations. With over 5,000 solar battery panels installed, the Solar Ark marks the beginning of a new wave of high-tech “clean energy” buildings. Resistant to earthquakes, this building is truly an example of sustainable design.

Bringing 21st century state-of-the-art architecture into the world through interactive public works, SANYO is leading Japan by exposure and encouragement of alternative energy.  “We’re working towards a brighter future for all of us, with ‘technology you can trust’.”

You can learn more about the Solar Ark in Gifu, Japan or check out there educational solar ark website.

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