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About Us

Solar Power Authority provides comprehensive tools and information to help you make the best solar decisions for your family. We love that solar energy saves you money on your energy bills and is good for the environment. It’s a win-win!

Who We Are

Our team is excited about what solar power can do for you and the planet. Think of us as a friendly advisor that guides you through useful resources to make informed choices about your solar energy needs. Best known for our resources on helping people invest in solar energy, we are passionate about educating you on the benefits of solar energy and how to get it in your home.

What We Do

Solar energy options can be confusing, but they add real value to your home and are worth investing in. At Solar Power Authority, we know that making sense of all your choices around solar companies and products can be overwhelming, so our team has done extensive research to get you started. This includes our guide on the Top Solar Companies in the U.S., reviews, advice, industry news, and cost calculators tailored to your state, budget, and the size of your home.

We stand by our high-quality company and product reviews and want to be upfront with you about what we do. In order to keep these resources free, we do receive compensation from affiliates through certain links. However, we are committed to sharing unbiased reviews based on our independent research of what is currently available on the market. Check out our disclaimer page to learn more about how we may be compensated.

What We’ve Accomplished

More than 185 articles written

More than 7,500 solar quotes given

More than 100,000 site visitors per month

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Our Team

Chloe Website Manager

Chloe leads the strategic direction for our site with 3+ years’ experience in digital marketing with a background in Public Relations.

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Travis is a copywriter for various publications. He covers the environment, health, science, and technology.

Tim Analytics Strategist

Tim tracks and measures our data while finding ways to improve the experience for our site visitors.

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Adam brings 7+ years’ of design experience and a passion for sustainability to ensure quality site design for our readers.

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Evan has 8+ years’ experience in SEO and makes sure that content is useful and accessible to our readers.

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Spencer studied Digital Media Marketing and Web Development at Davis Technical College and makes sure our site runs smoothly.

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Morgen is a firm believer in green living. She uses her network of journalists to spread the word about sustainable living and solar power.